9.4.1 Release Notes

June 1st 2024


  • Database: update to EPSG v11.006 (#4086)

  • Database: update ESRI dataset to ArcGIS Pro 3.3 (#4143)

Bug fixes

  • DatabaseContext::lookForGridInfo(): do not trigger network activity in PROJ_GRID_AVAILABILITY_KNOWN_AVAILABLE mode when all grids are known (#4090)

  • Retry "Connection reset by peer" (#4107)

  • Use unique names for NKG transformations (#4111)

  • proj_create()/proj_create_from_database(): recall CRS AUTH:CODE in error message (#4114)

  • DerivedProjectedCRS: deal with lack of explicit CS in BASEPROJCRS in WKT (#4139)

  • proj_symbol_rename.h: update with current symbols (#4145)

  • Improve detection of compatible/incompatible celestial bodies (#4150)

9.4.0 Release Notes

March 1st 2024


  • Add support for transformations involving coordinate epoch changes (PointMotionOperation), specifically for Canadian NAD83(CSRS)(#3884)

  • SSL_OPTIONS: set SSL options on Curl library (#3936)

  • Add support for unity builds (#3962)

  • Added ability to install *.tif if present in data (#3970)

  • createOperationsCompoundToGeog(): tune selection logic when --grid-check known_available is specified (#3990)

  • Increase CMake minimum version from 3.9 to 3.16 (#3997)

  • CMake: use FetchContent to get googletest-1.12.1 (#4006)

  • CMake: Replace custom FindSqlite3 with FindSQLite3 built-in (#4007)

  • tpeqd: use numerically stable formula for computing the central angle from (phi_1, lam_1) to (phi_2, lam_2) (#4009)

  • Move content of proj_experimental.h to proj.h (#4019)

  • Add +proj=mod_krovak projection method for Modified Krovak that applies to S-JTSK/05 in the Czech Republic (#4021)

  • PROJString formatter optimizer: simplify pipelines doing [Modified]Krovak (South West) <--> [Modified]Krovak (East North) by just doing an axis swap (#4034)

  • +proj=gridshift: enhance to support grids referenced in projected CRS, and with easting_offset/northing_offset corrections (#4038)

  • Tune concatenated operation instanciation, reference CR2005 geoid for Czechia and add (disabled by default) records for Czechia S-JTSK/05 based transformations (#4044)

  • Database: update to EPSG v11.004 (#4062)

Bug fixes

  • Fix missing symbols at link time for Windows target in Visual Studio (#3984)

  • Improve error message in axisswap (#3975)

  • Avoid convergence errors in +proj=gridshift when using biquadratic interpolation (#3985)

9.3.1 Release Notes

December 1st 2023


  • Update to EPSG 10.098 (#3968)

  • Update ESRI objects to v3.2.0 (#3944)

Bug fixes

  • ITRF2008: fix wrong sign for dry parameter of EURA and EURA_T (#3870)

  • Fix build error with MSVC 2019 in /std:c++20 on NN_NO_CHECK() (#3872)

  • ESRI WKT import: normalize GCS_unknown to unknown and D_unknown to unknown (#3874)

  • CoordinateOperationFactory(): deal with CompoundToCompound with a horizontal similarity transformation and a ballpark vertical (#3881)

  • Ellipsoid::_isEquivalentTo(): fix so that an ellipsoid of semi-major axis A (and non-zero inv flattening) isn't equivalent to a sphere of radius A (#3882)

  • isEquivalentTo(): make a datum name 'unknown' equivalent to another one (#3883)

  • cs2cs: fix handling of input coordinates in grad (#3886)

  • Make setargv.obj available on Universal Windows Platform (#3891)

  • Allow opening proj.db with a URI (#3892)

  • createOperations(): fix GeogCRS 3D with TOWGS84 to geocentric CRS (#3915)

  • Fix test suite so that it can pass with ENABLE_TIFF=OFF (#3916)

  • GeographicBoundingBox::intersects(): avoid infinite recursion and stack overflow on invalid bounding boxes (#3919)

  • Fix importing '+proj=topocentric ... +type=crs' by using a geocentric CRS as the base CRS (#3924)

  • Allow LOCAL_CS with 3 axes (#3928)

  • WKT1 parser: in non-strict mode, accept missing UNIT[] in GEOGCS, GEOCCS, PROJCS and VERT_CS elements (#3933)

  • createOperations(): fix issue with a obscure case involving CompoundCRS of unknown horizontal datum + boundCRS of vertical (#3934)

  • createOperations(): fix bad PROJ pipeline when converting between Geog3D with non-metre height to CompoundCRS (#3943)

  • createOperations(): Fix possible null dereference on invalid WKT input (#3946)

  • proj_factor(): fix when input is a compound CRS of a projected CRS (#3950)

  • pj_get_suggested_operation(): tune it to give correct result for RGAF09 to RRAF 1991 / UTM zone 20N + Guadeloupe 1988 height transformation (#3954)

  • Move static NameSpace::GLOBAL definition in static.cpp to avoid 'static initialization fiasco' (#3956)

  • horner: allow arbitrary input type of coordinate (#3961)

9.3.0 Release Notes

September 1st 2023


  • Add C++ API to transform coordinate (#3705)

  • CMake: add PROJ_DB_CACHE_DIR (#3711)

  • Implement EPSG:1026 Mercator (Spherical) method (#3741)

  • CMake: remove useless cross-compiling related checks (#3747)

  • Add mapping of Equidistant Conic to new EPSG:1119 method (#3812)

  • Implement proposal001 from Planetary DWG from OGC (#3816)

  • Add option in proj CLI to use a CRS (#3825)

  • proj_factors(): make it work with projected CRS with non-metre unit and/or northing/easting axis order (#3826)

  • PROJ_DEBUG: make ON an alias of 2, and OFF of 1 (#3835)

  • Database: update to EPSG 10.094 (#3847)

Bug fixes

  • GeographicBoundingBox::intersection(): avoid infinite recursion and stack overflow on invalid bounding boxes (#3748)

  • Various fixes related to concatenated operations (#3820)

  • Projected CRS identification: fix crash when the base CRS is a non-geographic geodetic CRS (#3830)

  • Avoid C++ exceptions to be thrown (and caught) when parsing strings like +proj=longlat +datum=WGS84 +type=crs (#3834)

  • BUG: Handle prefix whitespace when guessing WKT dialiect (#3841)

  • proj_alter_id(): make it replace an existing ID instead of appending a new one (#3846)

  • bonne: fix inverse map projection computations when lat_1 < 0 (#3849)

  • WKT1 ESRI import/export: fix GCS name for EPSG:8353 S-JTSK_[JTSK03]_Krovak_East_North (#3851)

9.2.1 Release Notes

June 1st 2023

Database updates

  • Add alias for old ESRI datum/CRS names of EPSG:8353 S_JTSK_JTSK03_Krovak_East_North (#3678)

  • Pseudo Mercator now supported with IAU CRS's (#3645)

  • Updated to EPSG 10.088 (#3731)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed build errors with Cygwin (#3642)

  • PROJ string CRS parser: make sure that PROJ arguments of the rotated string are kept in the WKT representation (#3656)

  • Fix slowness on proj_trans() when doing WGS 84 <--> NAD83 conversions (#3661)

  • vgridshift/gridshift: accept hydroid_height as valid band description (#3675)

  • WKT/PROJJSON: import/export accuracy of ConcatenatedOperation (#3676)

  • Coordinate operation factory: count identified concatenated operations as a single step (#3677)

  • EngineeringCRS: make `proj_create_engineering_crs()` set a datum name and relax isEquivalentTo() comparisons (#3685)

  • PROJJSON: fix import/export of integer parameter value, and deal with interpolation CRS parameters in conversions (#3695)

  • CMake: avoid imbalanced cmake_policy push/pop if TIFF or CURL dependency cannot be found (#3697)

  • proj_create_crs_to_crs(): restore transformation selection behaviour of PROJ 9.1 when grids are missing (#3707)

  • ESRI WKT: improve roundtrip of name and definition for UPS WGS84 CRS (#3720)

  • CRS instanciation from PROJ.4 string: set 'Unknown based on XXXX ellipsoid' datum name when instanciating from known +a, +rf (#3727)

  • cs2cs / proj_create_crs_to_crs(): fix regression with geocentric CRS (#3729)

  • proj_trans(): set PROJ_ERR_COORD_TRANSFM_NO_OPERATION error when failing in ONLY_BEST=YES mode (#3730)

  • tinshift: raise maximum size of JSON file to 100 MB (#3736)

9.2.0 Release Notes

March 1st 2023


  • Database

    • EPSG updated to EPSG 10.082 (#3609)

    • ESRI objects updated to v3.1.0 (#3575)

    • Added Slovenian geoid model SLO-VRP2016/Koper (#3610)

  • Projections

    • Added generic Space Oblique Mercator (#3338)

    • Inverse eck4: Add checks for projection domain (#3625)

  • Transformations

    • Added support for NADCON5 grids and transformation method (#3510)

    • Added option ONLY_BEST=YES (#3535)

      When enabled only use the best possible transformation between two CRS's can be instantiated. If the best possible transfomations can't be instantiated it will fail instead of opting for the next best transformation.

      With ONLY_BEST=YES a transformation will fail if a needed grid is unavailable.

      The option can be toggled in proj.ini and with --only-best in cs2cs.

    • Implement 'Similarity transformation' (EPSG:9621) and import related tranformations from EPSG (#3578)

    • Optimise transformations between GDA94, GDA2020 and WGS84 (#3621)

  • Performance improvements

    • Pass PJ_COORD by reference for fwd4d() and inv4d() callbacks (#3503)

    • Improved of inverse meridian length calculations (#3516)

    • Avoid very poor performance on a geographic CRS whose datum name is the alias of an official one (#3624)

  • Well-Known Text improvements

    • Support WKT:2019 COORDINATEMETADATA[] construct (#2711)

    • implement alterCSLinearUnit() for CompoundCRS (#3325)

    • Implement alterCSLinearUnit() for BoundCRS (#3327)


    • Added support for ISO19111 CoordinateMetadata class (#3562)

    • Update WKT import to support WKT2 corrigendum (#3573)

    • WKT import: Make axis direction and range meaning enumeration case insensitive as mandated by spec (#3577)

    • Implement AffineCS and handle it in WKT (#3579)

    • WKT1 parser: Support inf as inverse flattening value (#3626)


    • Version number changed to 0.6

    • Added an additional optional source_crs property in abridged_transformation (#3454)

    • Added support for ISO19111 CoordinateMetadata class (#3562)

    • Implement AffineCS and handle it in PROJJSON (#3579)

  • C/C++ API


    The following functions have been deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

  • CMake

    • Added uninstall target (#3362)

    • Adopted use of TIFF:TIFF and CURL::libcurl targets (#3374)

  • Security improvements

    • Replaced uses of sprintf() with the safer snprintf() (#3421, #3431)

  • Various other improvements

    • Implemented platform independent mutex for better results on lesser used platforms (#3425)

    • Improved name and remarks in descriptions of some vertical transformations (#3334)

    • Implemented stricter matching by name to avoid false positives (#3487)

    • Improved numerical accuracy of the meridian length calculations and its inverse (#3516)

    • Added PROJ_IGNORE_CELESTIAL_BODY=YES environment variable that allows better matching of non-earth shaped ellipsoids to other celestial bodies (#3569)

Bug fixes

  • rtodms(): fix potential buffer overflow not dealt with (#3441)

  • NetworkFile::open(): fix memory leak in unlikely error code path (#3443)

  • When importing LOCAL_CS["foo"], generates a non-empty name for the datum (#3491)

  • Avoid unit mix-up in CRS::alterCSLinearUnit() for DerivedProjectedCRS (#3499)

  • WKT to PROJ conversions: Map 'Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (Spherical)' to +proj=laea +R_A (#3526)

  • ProjectedCRS::identify(): Relax trust in id/authority in definition to identify (#3532)

  • Fix instantion of URNs (#3569)

  • Fix proj_normalize_for_visualization() on a transformation with FORCE_OVERb=YES (#3570)

  • createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible(): Do not report +towgs84 for a CRS with multiple extents, such as EPSG:6316 (#3587)

  • pj_get_suggested_operation(): handle longitudes outside of [-180,180] for coordinate operation selection (#3595)

  • WKT1 parser: only emit warning when encountering invalid UNKNOWN WKT1 axis direction (#3618)

  • projinfo: fix long option name --source-crs (#3601)

9.1.1 Release Notes

December 1st 2022


  • Database: register at_bev_AT_GIS_GRID_2021_09_28 grid (#3442)

Bug fixes

  • Implement alterGeodeticCRS and stripVerticalComponent for DerivedProjected (#3482)

  • Various improvements to handling of DerivedProjectedCRS (#3482, #3477 , #3342 , #3319, #3317)

  • Add missing <cstdint> includes (#3459)

  • cs2cs: better validate value of -W option (#3453)

  • DatabaseContext::lookForGridInfo(): fix caching of filenames and set correct URLs (#3448)

  • Database: register in grid_alternatives grids from PROJ-data that have no corresponding transformation record (#3446)

  • cass projection: fix forward computation of easting (#3433)

  • Implement Geographic/Vertical Offset conversions (#3413)

  • vandg projection: handle +over to extend the validity domain outside of |long|>180deg (#3427)

  • eqdc projection: avoid floating point division by zero in non-nominal case (#3415)

  • createOperations(): fix issues when transforming between Geog3D and DerivedGeog3D CRS with Geographic3D offsets method (#3411)

  • VerticalCRS::_isEquivalentTo(): do not consider VerticalCRS and DerivedVerticalCRS as equivalent (#3408)

  • cct and cs2cs: Avoid problems when encountering UTF-8 BOM` characters at

    beginning of input files (#3395)

  • createFromUserInput(): Improved lookup when approximate name is provided (#3371)

  • projinfo / cs2cs : auto promotion to 3D of CRS specified by name (#3367)

  • findsOpsInRegistryWithIntermediate(): make it work when source/target geodetic CRS has no known id (#3365)

  • createOperations(): emulate PROJ < 6 behavior when doing geocentric <--> geographic transformation between datum with unknown transformation (#3361)

  • Fix issue when transforming from/into a WKT2 Bound VerticalCRS with a 'Geographic3D to GravityRelatedHeight' method (#3355)

  • proj_normalize_for_visualization(): take into account FORCE_OVER property from source operation (#3350)

  • Link geodtest against libm when available (#3341)

9.1.0 Release Notes

September 1st 2022


  • Database:

    • Database: update to EPSG v10.074 (#3273)

    • Update ESRI objects to version 3.0.0 (#3257)

    • Generate null transformation between geodetic/vertical datum ensemble and its members (#3266)

    • Add fk delete cascade to database tables for improved customizability of the database (#3237)

    • Add Svalbard geoid grid no_kv_arcgp-2006-sk to grid alternatives (#3292)

    • Added French grid fr_ign_RAF20 to grid alternatives (#3228)


    • WKT2 parser: allow unit-less PARAMETER for coordinate operations (#3271)

    • WKT and PROJJSON adjustments (#3234)

    • Bump PROJJSON to v0.5 (#3216)

    • Change order of horizontal and vertical operations when dealing with WKT1 / PROJ4 compound CRS (#3127)

  • Coordinate Operations:

    • Implement Vertical Offset and slope transformation method (#3200)

    • Add Interrupted Mollweide (land and ocean view) projections (#3139)

    • Add invertible Horner polynomials (#3133)

  • Optimizations:

    • NTv2 and GTX grid readers: add a cache of lines to speed-up (#3241)

    • IComparable::isEquivalentTo() optimizations (#3233)

  • Various Updates:

    • createOperations() / proj_trans(): better take into account area of interest name / do not only keep first returned coordinate operation (#3282)

    • createOperations(): take into account axis unit and inversion of target DerivedProjectedCRS (#3281)

    • Allow a Compound CRS with derived projected (#3283)

    • Make "Vertical Offset and Slope" method usable as a deriving conversion of a DerivedVerticalCRS (#3270)

    • PROJ pipeline generator: recognize opposite Helmert transformations using a different convention (#3265)

    • createOperations(): prefer simpler pipelines / affects WGS 84 to GDA94/GDA2020 (#3248)

    • Make it possible to determine which grid files were actually used during a transformation (#3180)

    • Transformation: no longer do vertical trasnformation when doing compound CRS to 2D CRS / add --3d to cs2cs (#3119)

    • Deprecate PROJ4 CMake name (#3094)

    • Use GNUInstallDirs for CMake install locations (#3100)

    • Introduce PROJ_DATA` environment variable to deprecate PROJ_LIB (#3253)

Bug fixes

  • projinfo: fix crash on --list-crs when proj.db cannot be opened (#3290)

  • getCRSInfoList(): fix retrieval of projected_crs given by text_definition only (#3289)

  • WKT parser: fix issue when parsing some WKT1 with Hotine_Oblique_Mercator_Azimuth_Center and ignoring rectified_grid_angle (#3280)

  • WKT1 import: better deal when the angular unit of the GEOGCS[] of the PROJCS[] doesn't match the one from the database (#3274)

  • createOperations(): avoid potential infinite recursions (#3264)

  • WKT ESRI: fix related to projected CRS export and add support for geographic 3D CRS with LINUNIT node (#3256)

  • proj_grid_info(): make it work again with remote grids (#3239)

  • createOperations(): fix projected CRS with non-metre horiz&vertical unit and towgs84 to gencentric CRS (#3231)

  • createOperations(): fix infinite recursion in a complex case (#3226)

9.0.1 Release Notes

June 15th 2022

Database updates

  • Update to EPSG 10.064 (#3208)

  • Add OGC:CRS84h (WGS 84 longitude-latitude-height) (#3155)

Bug fixes

  • Use CMAKE_INSTALL_MANDIR to override default (#3081)

  • Increase MAX_ITER so Mollweide forward projection works near the poles (#3082)

  • Fix wrong results with SQLite 3.38.0 (#3091)

  • Fix issue when transforming from/to BoundCRS of 3D CRS with non-Greenwich prime meridian, created from WKT (#3098)

  • Fix issues with WKT of concatenated operations (#3105)

  • CMake: fix installation of proj.pc on Windows (#3109)

  • createOperations(): fix issue in transformation northing, easting projected CRS -> +proj=longlat +lon_wrap (#3110)

  • unitconvert: round to nearest date when converting to yyyymmdd (#3111)

  • Fix comparison of GeodeticReferenceFrame vs DynamicGeodeticReferenceFrame (#3120)

  • createOperations(): fix transformation involving CompoundCRS, ToWGS84 and PROJ4_GRIDS (#3124)

  • Fix datum names when importing from PROJ4 crs strings (affects some transformations using geoidgrids) (#3129)

  • Deal with PARAMETER["EPSG code for Interpolation CRS",crs_code] (#3149)

  • createOperations(): fix CompoundCRS[BoundCRS[ProjectedCRS],BoundCRS[VerticalCRS]] to Geog3DCrs (#3151)

  • ITRF2014: fix ITRF2014:ITRF88,ITRF94 and ITRF96 definitions (#3159)

  • createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible(): improve selection logic to generate +towgs84= taking into account extent (#3160)

  • createOperations(): fix some complex cases involving TOWGS84 and CompoundCRS (#3163)

  • Fix CMake CURL dependency (#3185)

  • WKT import: deal with Projected CRS that is a mix of WKT1:GDAL / WKT1:ESRI (#3189)

  • createOperations(): fix/improve result of 'BD72 + Ostend height' to 'WGS84+EGM96 height' (#3199)

  • Identifier::isEquivalentName(): fix when ending by ' + ' which could indirectly cause an infinite stack call in master (#3202)

  • WKT import: correctly deal with absence of Latitude_Of_Origin parameter in WKT1 ESRI with Stereographic projection (#3212)

  • PROJJSON parser: do not error out if a datum ensemble member is unknown in the database (#3223)

9.0.0 Release Notes

March 1st 2022

Breaking Changes


  • Database updates:

    • ESRI projection engine db to version 12.9 (#2943)

    • EPSG v10.054 (#3051)

    • Vertical grid files for PL-geoid-2011, Polish geoid model (#2960)

    • Belgian geoid model hBG18 to grid alternatives (#3044)

  • Add new option to proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() method to force +over on transformation operations (#2914)

  • Specify CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH for macOS; use -rpath LDFLAGS for tests (#3009)

  • Implement Geographic3D to Depth/Geog2D+Depth as used by ETRS89 to CD Norway depth (#3010)

  • Allow PROJ_LIB paths wrapped with double quotes (#3031)

  • Use external gtest by default when possible (#3035)

  • CMake: make BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON the default even on Windows (#3042)

  • proj.ini: add a ca_bundle_path variable (#3049)

Bug fixes

  • Fix extremely long parsing time on hostile PROJ strings (#2968)

  • CMake: fix warning with external googletest (#2980)

  • proj_get_crs_info_list_from_database(): report PJ_TYPE_GEODETIC_CRS for IAU_2015 -ocentric geodetic CRS (#3013)

  • peirce_q: rename +type parameter wrongly introduced in 8.2.1 to +shape (#3014)

  • Set more precise error code for parsing errors in proj_create() (#3037)

  • createOperations(): fix transformations from/to a BoundCRS of a DerivedGeographicCRS coming from WKT (#3046)

  • Better deal with importing strings like +init=epsg:XXXX +over (#3055)

  • Fix importing CRS definition with +proj=peirce_q and +shape different from square or diamond (#3057)

8.2.1 Release Notes

January 1st 2022


  • Database updated with EPSG v. 10.041 (#2974)

Bug fixes

  • BoundCRS WKT import: fix setting of name (#2917)

  • PROJStringFormatter::toString(): avoid invalid iterator increment (#2932)

  • Ensure CApi test are cross-platform (#2934)

  • createOperations(): do not stop at the first operation in the PROJ namespace for vertical transformations (#2937)

  • createOperationsCompoundToCompound(): fix null pointer dereference when connection to proj.db doesn't exist. (#2938)

  • Fix windows.h conflict with Criterion::STRICT (#2950)

  • Cache result of proj_get_type() to help for performance of proj_factors() (#2967)

  • createOperations(): improvement for "NAD83(CSRS) + CGVD28 height" to "NAD83(CSRS) + CGVD2013(CGG2013) height" (#2977)

  • WKT1 import: correctly deal with missing rectified_grid_angle parameter (#2986)

  • Fix and additional options for Peirce Quincuncial projections (#2978)

  • Fix build with Intel C++ compiler (#2995)

8.2.0 Release Notes

November 1st 2021


From PROJ 9.0.0 and onwards CMake will be the only build system bundled with the PROJ package. As a consequence support for Autotools builds will stop when the 8.2 branch of PROJ reaches end of life. We encourage everyone to adjust their build workflows as soon as possible and report any discrepancies discovered between Autotools and CMake builds.

Details about the build system unification can be found in PROJ RFC 7: Drop Autotools, maintain CMake.

Note also that the "CMake: revise handling of symbol export and static builds" change mentioned below may require changes for users of the library on Windows.


  • Added the S2 projection (#2749)

  • Added support for Degree Sign on input (#2791)

  • ESRI WKT: add support for import/export of (non interrupted) Goode Homolosine (#2827)

  • Make filemanager aware of UWP Win32 API (#2831)

  • Add proj_create_conversion_pole_rotation_netcdf_cf_convention() to address netCDF datasets using a pole rotation method (#2835)

  • Emit better debug message when a grid isn't found (#2838)

  • Add support for GeodeticCRS using a Spherical planetocentric coordinate system (#2847)

  • PROJJSON: support additional properties allowed in id object (version, authority_citation, uri) for parity with WKT2:2019 (#2850)

  • Database layout modified to include "anchor" field to geodetic_datum and vertical_datum tables, consequently database layout version is increased to 1.2 (#2859)

  • proj_factors(): accept P to be a projected CRS (#2868)

  • Add IAU_2015 CRS definitions (#2876)

  • CRS::extractGeodeticCRS(): implement for DerivedProjectedCRS (#2877)

  • Added proj_trans_bounds() (#2882)

  • CMake: add a BUILD_APPS to be able to disable build of all applications (#2895)

  • CMake: generate invproj/invgeod binaries (symlinks on Unix, copy otherwise) (#2897)

  • CMake build: add generate_wkt1_parser and generate_wkt2_parser manual target, and logic to detect when they must be run (#2900)

  • Add fallback strategy for tinshift transform to use closest triangle for points not in any (#2907)

  • Database: update to EPSG v10.038 (#2910)

  • CMake: revise handling of symbol export and static builds (#2912)

    This requires changes for users of static builds on Windows that do not use CMake config files. The empty PROJ_DLL= definition must now be defined when building against a static build of PROJ. For users of dynamic builds on Windows, the PROJ_MSVC_DLL_IMPORT definition is no longer needed.

Bug fixes

  • Fix O(n^2) performance patterns where n is the number of steps of a pipeline (#2820)

  • Detect ESRI WKT better in certain circumstances (#2823)

  • Fix performance issue on pipeline instantiation of huge (broken) pipelines (#2824)

  • Make sure to re-order projection parameters according to their canonical order if needed (#2842)

  • Fix database access across fork() when SQLite3 doesn't use pread[64]() (#2845)

  • Fix error in implementation of Inverse ellipsoidal orthographic projection that cause convergence to sometimes fail (#2853)

  • Fix handling of edge-case coordinates in inverse ortho ellipsoidal oblique (#2855)

  • proj_normalize_for_visualization(): set input and output units when there are several alternative transformations (#2867)

  • CRS::identify(): fix ignoring CS order when identifying a geodetic CRS by a PROJ string with just the ellipsoid (#2881)

  • Fix CRS Equality with PROJ parameter order (#2887)

  • WKT concatenated operation parsing: fix when a axis order reversal conversion is the first or last operation (#2891)

  • WKT1 parser: recognize Lambert_Conformal_Conic as projection name for LCC 1SP or 2SP (#2893)

  • CMake: Always build gie if testing is requested (#2899)

  • Geographic 3D CRS: allow to export to WKT1:ESRI if only the GEOGCS is known (and thus extrapolating a VERTCS) (#2902)

  • lib_proj.cmake: add a PROJ::proj alias and add BUILD_INTERFACE include directories, so that proj can be used as a subdirectory of a larger project (#2913)

8.1.1 Release Notes

September 1st 2021


  • EPSG Database updated to version 10.028 (#2773)

Bug Fixes

  • Include algorithm header file to avoid build errors on Alpine Linux (#2769)

  • CMake: fix installation of executables on iOS (#2766)

  • Associate extents to transformations of CRS's that include GEOIDMODEL (#2769)

  • Logging: avoid some overhead when logging is not enabled (#2775)

  • ortho: remove useless and invalid log trace (#2777)

  • CMake: remove external nlohmann_json from INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES target (#2781)

  • reateOperations(): fix SourceTargetCRSExtentUse::NONE mode (#2783)

  • GeoTIFF grid reading: perf improvements (#2788)

  • Conversion::createUTM(): avoid integer overflow (#2796)

  • Inverse laea ellipsoidal: return PROJ_ERR_COORD_TRANSFM_OUTSIDE_PROJECTION_DOMAIN when appropriates (#2801)

  • Make sure that proj_crs_promote_to_3D() returns a derived CRS (#2806)

  • createOperations(): fix missing deg<-->rad conversion when transforming with a CRS that has a fallback-to-PROJ4-string behavior and is a BoundCRS of a GeographicCRS (#2808)

  • WKT2 import/export: preserve PROJ.4 CRS extension string in REMARKS[] (#2812)

  • BoundCRS: accept importing/exporting in WKT2 and PROJJSON the scope/area/extent/id attributes (#2815)

  • ConcatenatedOperation::fixStepsDirection(): fix bad chaining of steps when inverse map projection is involved in non-final step (#2819)

8.1.0 Release Notes

July 1st 2021


  • Database

    • Update to EPSG v10.027 (#2751)

    • Decrease DB size by using WITHOUT ROWID tables (#2730) (#2647)

    • Add a ANALYZE step during proj.db creation allowing for faster lookups (#2729)

    • Added a PROJ.VERSION metadata entry (#2646)

    • Added NGO48 (EPSG:4273) to ETRS89 (EPSG:4258) triangulation-based transformation (#2554)

    • Additions to the norwegian NKG2020 transformation (#2548)

    • ESRI projection database updated to version 12.8 (#2717)

  • API additions

  • Various improvements

    • proj_trans()/cs2cs: If two operations have the same accuracy, use the one that is contained within a larger one (#2750)

    • Share SQLite database handle among all contexts (#2738)

    • Added proj/internal/mutex.hpp as compat layer for mingw32 for std::mutex (#2736)

    • projsync: make it filter out files not intended for the current version (#2725)

    • Improvements related to DerivedVerticalCRS using Change Unit and Height/Depth reversal methods (#2696)

    • Update internal nlohmann/json to 3.9.1, and add a CMake option to be able to use external nlohmann/json (#2686)

    • createFromUserInput(): change name of CRS built from URN combined references to match the convention of EPSG projected CRS (#2677)

    • Parse compound id with two authorities, like ESRI:103668+EPSG:5703 (#2669)

    • Added projinfo option option --list-crs (supports --area) (#2663)

    • Added support for hyperbolic Cassini-Soldner (#2637)

    • Added capability to get SQL statements to add custom CRS in the database (#2577)

Bug fixes

  • Fix 'Please include winsock2.h before windows.h' warning with msys (#2692)

  • Minor changes to address lint in geodesic.c (#2752)

  • BoundCRS::identify(): avoid incompatible transformation for WKT1 / TOWGS84 export (#2747)

  • proj_create(): do not open proj.db if string is a PROJ string, even if proj_context_set_autoclose_database() has been set (#2735)

  • Fix export of transformation to PROJ string in a particular situation where CompoundCRS are involved (#2721)

8.0.1 Release Notes

May 5th 2021


  • Database: update to EPSG v10.018 (#2636)

  • Add transformations for CHGeo2004, Swiss geoid model (#2604)

  • Additions to the norwegian NKG2020 transformation (#2600)

Bug fixes

  • pj_vlog(): fix buffer overflow in case of super lengthy error message (#2693)

  • Revert "proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj(): do not use PROJ_SPATIAL_CRITERION_PARTIAL_INTERSECTION if area is specified" (#2679)

  • UTM: error out when value of +zone= is not an integer (#2672)

  • getCRSInfoList(): make result order deterministic (by increasing auth_name, code) (#2661)

  • createOperation(): make sure no to discard deprecated operations if the replacement uses an unknown grid (#2623)

  • Fix build on Solaris 11.4 (#2621)

  • Add mapping of ESRI Equal_Area projection method to EPSG (#2612)

  • Fix incorrect EPGS extent code for EPSG:7789>EPSG:4976 NKG transformation (#2599)

  • fix wrong capitalization of CHENyx06_ETRS.gsb (#2597)

  • createOperations(): improve handling of vertical transforms when when compound CRSs are used (#2592)

  • CRS::promoteTo3D(): propagate the extent from the 2D CRS (#2589)

  • createFromCRSCodesWithIntermediates(): improve performance when there is no match (#2583)

  • Fix proj_clone() to work on 'meta' coordinate operation PJ* objects that can be returned by proj_create_crs_to_crs() (#2582)


  • Make proj_lp_dist() and proj_geod() work on a PJ* CRS object (#2570)

  • Fix gcc 11 -Wnonnull compilation warnings (#2559)

  • Fix use of uninitialized memory in gie tests (#2558)

  • createOperations(): fix incorrect height transformation between 3D promoted RGF93 and CH1903+ (#2555)

8.0.0 Release Notes

March 1st 2021

With the release of PROJ 8 the proj_api.h API is finally removed. See Version 4 to 6 API Migration for more info on how to migrate from the old to the proj.h API.

With the removal of proj_api.h it has been possible to simplify error codes and messages given by the software. The error codes are exposed in the API.

Several improvements has been made to the command line utilities as well as tweaks in the underlying API.


  • Public header file proj_api.h removed (#837)

  • Improved accuracy of the Mercator projection (#2397)

  • Copyright statement wording updated (#2417)

  • Allow cct to instantiate operations via object codes or names (#2419)

  • Allow @filename syntax in cct (#2420)

  • Added Geocentric to topocentric conversion (+proj=topocentric) (#2444)

  • Update GeographicLib to version 1.51 (#2445)

  • Added option to allow export of Geographic/Projected 3D CRS in WKT1_GDAL (#2450)

  • Added --area and --bbox options in cs2cs to restrict candidate coordinate operations (#2466)

  • Added build time option to make PROJ_LIB env var tested last (#2476)

  • Added --authority switch in cs2cs to control where coordinate operations are looked for. C API function proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() updated accordingly (#2477)

  • Error codes revised and exposed in the public API (#2487)

  • Added --accuracy options to projinfo. C API function proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() updated accordingly (#2488)

  • Added proj_crs_is_derived() function to C API (#2496)

  • Enabled linking against static cURL on Windows (#2514)

  • Updated ESRI CRS database to 12.7 (10.8.1/2.6) (#2519)

  • Allow a WKT BoundCRS to use a PROJ string transformation (#2521)

  • Update to EPSG v10.015 (#2539)

  • Default log level set to PJ_LOG_ERROR (#2542)

  • CMake installs a pkg-config file proj.pc, where supported (#2547)

Bug fixes

  • Do not restrict longitude to [-90;90] range in spherical transverse Mercator forward projection (#2471)

  • createOperations(): fix Compound to Geog3D/Projected3D CRS with non-metre ellipsoidal height (#2500)

  • Avoid error messages to be emitted log level is set to PJ_LOG_NONE (#2527)

  • Close database connection when autoclose set to True (#2532)

7.2.1 Release Notes

January 1st 2021


  • Add metadata with the version number of the database layout (#2474)

  • Split coordinateoperation.cpp and test_operation.cpp in several parts (#2484)

  • Update to EPSG v10.008 (#2490)

  • Added the NKG 2008 and 2020 transformations in proj.db (#2495)

Bug fixes

  • Set CURL_ENABLED definition on projinfo build (#2405)

  • createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible(): make it return same result with a CRS built from EPSG code or WKT1 (#2412)

  • WKT2 parsing: several fixes related to map projection parameter units (#2428)

  • createOperation(): make it work properly when one of the CRS is a BoundCRS of a DerivedGeographicCRS (+proj=ob_tran +o_proj=lonlat +towgs84=....) (#2441)

  • WKT parsing: fix ingestion of WKT with a Geocentric CRS as the base of the projected CRS (#2443)

  • GeographicCRS::_isEquivalentTo(EQUIVALENT_EXCEPT_AXIS_ORDER_GEOGCRS): make it work when comparing easting,northing,up and northing,easting,up (#2446)

  • createOperation(): add a ballpark vertical transformation when dealing with GEOIDMODEL[] (#2449)

  • Use same arguments to printf format string for both radians and degrees in output by cct (#2453)

  • PRIMEM WKT handling: fixes on import for 'sexagesimal DMS' or from WKT1:GDAL/ESRI when GEOGCS UNIT != Degree; morph to ESRI the PRIMEM name on export (#2455)

  • createObjectsFromName(): in exact match, make looking for 'ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N' return only the exact match (#2462)

  • Inverse tmerc spherical: fix wrong sign of latitude when lat_0 is used (#2469)

  • Add option to allow export of Geographic/Projected 3D CRS in WKT1_GDAL (#2470)

  • Fix building proj.db with SQLite built with -DSQLITE_DQS=0 (#2480)

  • Include JSON Schema files in CMake builds (#2485)

  • createOperations(): fix inconsistent chaining exception when transforming from BoundCRS of projected CRS based on NTF Paris to BoundCRS of geog CRS NTF Paris (#2486)

7.2.0 Release Notes

November 1st 2020


  • Command line tools

    • Add multi-line PROJ string export capability, and use it by default in projinfo (unless --single-line is specified) (#2381)

  • Coordinate operations

  • Database

    • Update to EPSG 10.003 and make code base robust to dealing with WKT CRS with DatumEnsemble (#2370)

    • Added Finland tinshift operations (#2392)

    • Added transformation from JGD2011 Geographic 3D to JGD2011 height using GSIGEO2011 (#2393)

    • Improve CompoundCRS identification and name morphing in VerticalCRS with ESRI WKT1 (#2386)

    • Added OGC:CRS27 and OGC:CRS83 CRS entries for NAD27 and NAD83 in longitude, latitude order (#2350)

  • API

Bug fixes

  • Avoid core dumps when copying contexts in certain scenarios (#2324)

  • proj_trans(): reset errno before attemptying a retry with a new coordinate operation (#2353)

  • PROJJSON schema corrected to allow prime meridians values with explicitly stating a unit (degrees assumed) (#2354)

  • Adjust createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible() and operation filtering (for POSGAR 2007 to WGS84 issues) (#2357)

  • createOperations(): several fixes affecting NAD83 -> NAD83(2011) (#2364)

  • WKT2:2019 import/export: handle DATUM (at top level object) with PRIMEM

  • WKT1_ESRI: fix import and export of CompoundCRS (#2389)

7.1.1 Release Notes

September 1st 2020


  • Added various Brazilian grids to the database (#2277)

  • Added geoid file for Canary Islands to the database (#2312)

  • Updated EPSG database to version 9.8.15 (#2310)

Bug fixes

  • WKT parser: do not raise warning when parsing a WKT2:2015 TIMECRS whose TIMEUNIT is at the CS level, and not inside (#2281)

  • Parse '+proj=something_not_latlong +vunits=' without +geoidgrids as a Projected3D CRS and not a compound CRS with a unknown datum (#2289)

  • C API: Avoid crashing due to missing SANITIZE_CTX() in entry points (#2293)

  • CMake build: Check "target_clones" before use (#2297)

  • PROJ string export of +proj=krovak +czech: make sure we export +czech… (#2301)

  • Helmert 2D: do not require a useless +convention= parameter (#2305)

  • Fix a few spelling errors ("vgridshit" vs. "vgridshift") (#2307)

  • Fix ability to identify EPSG:2154 as a candidate for 'RGF93_Lambert_93' (#2316)

  • WKT importer: tune for Oracle WKT and 'Lambert Conformal Conic' (#2322)

  • Revert compiler generated Fused Multiply Addition optimized routines (#2328)

7.1.0 Release Notes

July 1st 2020


Bug fixes

  • createOperations(): do not remove ballpark transformation if there are only grid based operations, even if they cover the whole area of use (#2155)

  • createFromProjString(): handle default parameters of '+krovak +type=crs', and handle +czech correctly (#2200)

  • ProjectedCRS::identify(): fix identification of EPSG:3059 (#2215)

  • Database: add a 'WGS84' alias for the EPSG:4326 CRS (#2218)

  • Fixes related to CompoundCRS and BoundCRS (#2222)

  • Avoid 2 warnings about missing database indices (#2223)

  • Make projinfo --3d --boundcrs-to-wgs84 work better (#2224)

  • Many fixes regarding BoundCRS, CompoundCRS, Geographic3D CRS with non-metre units (#2234)

  • Fix identification of (one of the) ESRI WKT formulations of EPSG:3035 (#2240)

  • Avoid using deprecated and removed Windows API function with Mingw32 (#2246)

  • normalizeForVisualization(): make it switch axis for EPSG:5482 (RSRGD2000 / RSPS2000) (#2256)

  • Fix access violation in proj_context_get_database_metadata() (#2260)

7.0.1 Release Notes

May 1st 2020


  • Database: update to EPSG v9.8.9 (#2141)

Bug fixes

  • Make tests independent of proj-datumgrid (#1995)

  • Add missing projection property tables (#1996)

  • Avoid crash when running against SQLite3 binary built with -DSQLITE_OMIT_AUTOINIT (#1999)

  • createOperations(): fix wrong pipeline generation with CRS that has +nadgrids= and +pm= (#2002)

  • Fix bad copy&replace pattern on HEALPix and rHEALPix projection names (#2007)

  • createUnitOfMeasure(): use full double resolution for the conversion factor (#2014)

  • Update README with info on PROJ-data (#2015)

  • utm/ups: make sure to set errno to PJD_ERR_ELLIPSOID_USE_REQUIRED if +es==0 (#2045)

  • data/ remove bashism (#2048)

  • ProjectedCRS::identify(): tune it to better work with ESRI WKT representation of EPSG:2193 (#2059)

  • Fix build with gcc 4.8.5 (#2066)

  • Autotools/pkg-conf: Define datarootdir (#2069)

  • cs2cs: don't require +to for '{source_crs} {target_crs} filename...' syntax (#2081)

  • CMake: fix bug with find_package(PROJ) with macOS (#2082)

  • ESRI WKT import / identification: special case for NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Colorado_North_FIPS_0501 with Foot_US unit (#2088)

  • ESRI WKT import / identification: special case for NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Colorado_North_FIPS_0501 with Foot_US unit (#2089)

  • EngineeringCRS: when exporting to WKT1_GDAL, output unit and axis (#2092)

  • Use jtsk03-jtsk horizontal grid from CDN (#2098)

  • CMake: prefer to use use PROJ_SOURCE_DIR and PROJ_BINARY_DIR (#2100)

  • Fix wrong grids file name in esri.sql (#2104)

  • Fix identification of projected CRS whose name is close but not strictly equal to a ESRI alias (#2106)

  • Fix working of Helmert transform between the horizontal part of 2 compoundCRS (#2111)

  • Database: fix registration of custom entries of grid_transformation_custom.sql for geoid grids (#2114)

  • ESRI_WKT ingestion: make sure to identify to non-deprecated EPSG entry when possible (#2119)

  • Make sure that importing a Projected 3D CRS from WKT:2019 keeps the base geographic CRS as 3D (#2125)

  • createOperations(): improve results of compoundCRS to compoundCRS case (#2131)

  • hgridshift/vgridshift: defer grid opening when grid has already been opened (#2132)

  • Resolve a few shadowed declaration warnings (#2142)

  • ProjectedCRS identification: deal with switched 1st/2nd std parallels for LCC_2SP(#2153)

  • Fix Robinson inverse projection (#2154)

  • createOperations(): do not remove ballpark transformation if there are only grid based operations, even if they cover the whole area of use (#2156)

  • createFromCoordinateReferenceSystemCodes(): 'optimization' to avoid using C++ exceptions (#2161)

  • Ingestion of WKT1_GDAL: correctly map 'Cylindrical_Equal_Area' (#2167)

  • Add limited support for non-conformant WKT1 LAS COMPD_CS[] (#2172)

  • PROJ4 string import: take into correctly non-metre unit when the string looks like the one for WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercator (#2177)

  • io.hpp: avoid dependency to proj_json_streaming_writer.hpp (#2184)

  • Fix support of WKT1_GDAL with netCDF rotated pole formulation (#2186)

6.3.2 Release Notes

May 1st 2020

Bug fixes

  • validateParameters(): fix false-positive warning on Equidistant Cylindrical (#1947)

  • proj_create_crs_to_cr(): avoid potential reprojection failures when reprojecting area of use to source and target CRS (#1993)

  • createOperations(): fix wrong pipeline generation with CRS that has +nadgrids= and +pm= (#2003)

  • Fix bad copy&replace pattern on HEALPix and rHEALPix projection names (#2006)

  • createUnitOfMeasure(): use full double resolution for the conversion factor (#2013)

  • data/ remove bashism (#2047)

  • :cpp:func:ProjectedCRS::identify: tune it to better work with ESRI WKT representation of EPSG:2193 (#2058)

  • EngineeringCRS: when exporting to WKT1_GDAL, output unit and axis (#2091)

  • Add missing entries in grid_alternatives for Portugal grids coming from ESRI entries (#2103)

  • Fix working of Helmert transform between the horizontal part of 2 compoundCRS (#2110)

  • ESRI_WKT ingestion: make sure to identify to non-deprecated EPSG entry when possible (#2118)

  • Make sure that importing a Projected 3D CRS from WKT:2019 keeps the base geographic CRS as 3D (#2124)

  • createOperations(): improve results of compoundCRS to compoundCRS case (#2130)

  • PROJ4 string import: take into correctly non-metre unit when the string looks like the one for WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercator (#2178)

  • Fix support of WKT1_GDAL with netCDF rotated pole formulation (#2187)

  • io.hpp: avoid dependency to proj_json_streaming_writer.hpp (#2188)

7.0.0 Release Notes

March 1st 2020

The major feature in PROJ 7 is significantly improved handling of gridded models. This was implemented in PROJ RFC 4: Remote access to grids and GeoTIFF grids. The main features of the RFC4 work is that PROJ now implements a new grid format, Geodetic TIFF grids, for exchanging gridded transformation models. In addition to the new grid format, PROJ can now also access grids online using a data store in the cloud.

The grids that was previously available via the proj-datumgrid packages are now available in two places:

  1. As a single combined data archive including all available resource files

  2. From the cloud via

In Addition, provided with PROJ is a utility called projsync that can be used download grids from the data store in the cloud.

The use of the new grid format and the data from the cloud requires that PROJ is build against libtiff and libcurl. Both are optional dependencies to PROJ but it is highly encouraged that the software is build against both.


PROJ 7 will be last major release version that includes the proj_api.h header. The functionality in proj_api.h is deprecated and only supported in maintenance mode. It is inferior to the functionality provided by functions in the proj.h header and all projects still relying on proj_api.h are encouraged to migrate to the new API in proj.h. See Version 4 to 6 API Migration. for more info on how to migrate from the old to the new API.


  • Added new file access API to proj.h (#866)

  • Updated the name of the most recent version of the WKT2 standard from WKT2_2018 to WKT2_2019 to reflect the proper name of the standard (#1585)

  • Improvements in transformations from/to WGS 84 (Gxxxx) realizations and vertical <--> geog transormations (#1608)

  • Update to version 1.50 of the geodesic library (#1629)

  • Promote proj_assign_context() to proj.h from proj_experimental.h (#1630)

  • Add rotation support to the HEALPix projection (#1638)

  • Add C function proj_crs_create_bound_vertical_crs() (#1689)

  • Use Win32 Unicode APIs and expect all strings to be UTF-8 (#1765)

  • Improved name aliases lookup (#1827)

  • CMake: Employ better use of CTest with the BUILD_TESTING option (#1870)

  • Grid correction: fix handling grids spanning antimeridian (#1882)

  • Remove legacy CMake target name proj (#1883)

  • projinfo add --searchpaths switch (#1892)

  • Add +proj=set operation to set component(s) of a coordinate to a fixed value (#1896)

  • Add EPSG records for 'Geocentric translation by Grid Interpolation (IGN)' (gr3df97a.txt) and map them to new +proj=xyzgridshift (#1897)

  • Remove null grid file as it is now a special hardcoded case in grid code (#1898)

  • Add projsync utility (#1903)

  • Make PROJ the CMake project name (#1910)

  • Use relative directory to locate PROJ resource files (#1921)

Bug fixes

  • Horizontal grid shift: fix failures on points slightly outside a subgrid (#209)

  • Fix ASAN issue with SQLite3VFS class (#1902)

  • tests: force use of bash for proj_add_test_script_sh (#1905)

Breaking changes

  • Reject NTV2 files where GS_TYPE != SECONDS (#1294)

  • On Windows the name of the library is now fixed to proj.lib instead of encoding the version number in the library name (#1581)

  • Require C99 compiler (#1624)

  • Remove deprecated JNI bindings (#1825)

  • Remove -ld option from proj and cs2cs (#1844)

  • Increase CMake minimum version from 3.5 to 3.9 (#1907)

6.3.1 Release Notes

February 11th 2020


  • Update the EPSG database to version 9.8.6

  • Database: add mapping for gg10_smv2.mnt and gg10_sbv2.mnt French grids

  • Database: add mapping for TOR27CSv1.GSB

Bug fixes

  • Fix wrong use of derivingConversionRef() that caused issues with use of +init=epsg:XXXX by GDAL (affecting R spatial libraries) or in MapServer

  • fix exporting CoordinateSystem to PROJ JSON with ID

  • projinfo: use No. abbreviation instead of UTF-8 character (#1828)

  • CompoundCRS::identify(): avoid exception when horiz/vertical part is a BoundCRS

  • createOperations(): fix dealing with projected 3D CRS whose Z units != metre

  • WKT1_GDAL export: limit datum name massaging to names matching EPSG (#1835)

  • unitconvert with mjd time format: avoid potential integer overflow (ossfuzz 20072)

  • ProjectedCRS::identify(): fix wrong identification of some ESRI WKT linked to units

  • Database: add a geoid_like value for proj_method column of grid_alternatives, fix related entries and simplify/robustify logic to deal with EPSG 'Geographic3D to GravityRelatedHeight' methods

  • Fix ingestion of +proj=cea with +k_0 (#1881)

  • Fix performance issue, affecting PROJ.4 string generation of EPSG:7842 (#1913)

  • Fix identification of ESRI-style datum names starting with D_ but without alias (#1911)

  • cart: Avoid discontinuity at poles in the inverse case (#1906)

  • Various updates to make regression test suite pass with gcc on i386 (#1906)

6.3.0 Release Notes

January 1st 2020


  • Database: tune accuracy of Canadian NTv1 file w.r.t NTv2 (#1812)

  • Modify verbosity level of some debug/trace messages (#1811)

  • projinfo: no longer call createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible() for WKT1:GDAL (#1810)

  • proj_trans(): add retry logic to select other transformation if the best one fails. (#1809)

  • BoundCRS::identify(): improvements to discard CRS that aren't relevant (#1802)

  • Database: update to IGNF v3.1.0 (#1785)

  • Build: Only export symbols if building DLL (#1773)

  • Database: update ESRI entries with ArcGIS Desktop version 10.8.0 database (#1762)

  • createOperations(): chain operations whose middle CRSs are not identical but have the same datum (#1734)

  • import/export PROJJSON: support a interpolation_crs key to geoid_model (#1732)

  • Database: update to EPSG v9.8.4 (#1725)

  • Build: require SQLite 3.11 (#1721)

  • Add support for GEOIDMODEL (#1710)

  • Better filtering based on extent and performance improvements (#1709)

Bug fixes

  • Horizontal grid shift: fix issue on iterative inverse computation when switching between (sub)grids (#1797)

  • createOperations(): make filtering out of 'uninteresting' operations less aggressive (#1788)

  • Make EPSG:102100 resolve to ESRI:102100 (#1786)

  • ob_tran: restore traditional handling of +to_meter with pj_transform() and proj utility (#1783)

  • CRS identification: use case insensitive comparison for authority name (#1780)

  • normalizeForVisualization() and other methods applying on a ProjectedCRS: do not mess the derivingConversion object of the original object (#1746)

  • createOperations(): fix transformation computation from/to a CRS with +geoidgrids and +vunits != m (#1731)

  • Fix proj_assign_context()/pj_set_ctx() with pipelines and alternative coord operations (#1726)

  • Database: add an auxiliary concatenated_operation_step table to allow arbitrary number of steps (#1696)

  • Fix errors running gie-based tests in Debug mode on Window (#1688)

6.2.1 Release Notes

November 1st 2019


  • Update the EPSG database to version 9.8.2

Bug fixes

  • Fixed erroneous spelling of "Potsdam" (#1573)

  • Calculate y-coordinate correctly in Bertin 1953 in all cases (#1579)

  • proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj(): make the PJ* arguments const PJ* (#1583)

  • PROJStringParser::createFromPROJString(): avoid potential infinite recursion (#1574)

  • Avoid core dump when setting ctx==NULL in functions proj_coordoperation_is_instantiable() and proj_coordoperation_has_ballpark_transformation() (#1590)

  • createOperations(): fix conversion from/to PROJ.4 CRS strings with non-ISO-kosher options and +towgs84/+nadgrids (#1602)

  • proj_trans_generic(): properly set coordinate time to HUGE_VAL when no value is passed to the function (#1604)

  • Fix support for +proj=ob_tran +o_proj=lonlat/latlong/latlon instead of only only allowing +o_proj=longlat (#1601)

  • Improve backwards compatibility of vertical transforms (#1613)

  • Improve emulation of deprecated +init style initialization (#1614)

  • cs2cs: autopromote CRS to 3D when there's a mix of 2D and 3D (#1563)

  • Avoid divisions by zero in odd situations (#1620)

  • Avoid compile error on Solaris (#1639)

  • proj_create_crs_to_crs(): fix when there are only transformations with ballpark steps (#1643)

  • PROJ string CRS ingester: recognize more unit-less parameters, and general handling of +key=string_value parameters (#1645)

  • Only call pkg-config in configure when necessary (#1652)

  • Azimuthal Equidistant: for spherical forward path, go to higher precision ellipsoidal case when the point coordinates are super close to the origin (#1654)

  • proj_create_crs_to_crs(): remove elimination of Ballpark operations that caused transformation failures in some cases (#1665)

  • createOperations(): allow transforming from a compoundCRS of a bound verticalCRS to a 2D CRS (#1667)

  • Avoid segfaults in case of out-of-memory situations (#1679)

  • createOperations(): fix double vertical unit conversion from CompoundCRS to other CRS when the horizontal part of the projected CRS uses non-metre unit (#1683)(#1683)

  • importFromWkt(): fix axis orientation for non-standard ESRI WKT (#1690)

6.2.0 Release Notes

September 1st 2019


  • Introduced PROJJSON, a JSON encoding of WKT2 (#1547)

  • Support CRS instantiation of OGC URN's (#1505)

  • Expose scope and remarks of database objects (#1537)

  • EPSG Database updated to version 9.7.0 (#1558)

  • Added C API function proj_grid_get_info_from_database() (#1494)

  • Added C API function proj_operation_factory_context_set_discard_superseded() (#1534)

  • Added C API function proj_context_set_autoclose_database() (#1566)

  • Added C API function proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() (#1567)

  • Added C API function proj_cleanup() (#1569)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed build failure on Solaris systems (#1554)

6.1.1 Release Notes

July 1st 2019


  • Update EPSG registry to version 9.6.3 (#1485)

Bug Fixes

  • Take the passed authority into account when identifying objects (#1466)

  • Avoid exception when transforming from NAD83 to projected CRS using NAD83(2011) (#1477)

  • Avoid off-by-one reading of name argument if name of resource file has length 1 (#11489)

  • Do not include PROJ_LIB in proj_info().searchpath when context search path is set (#1498)

  • Use correct delimiter for the current platform when parsing PROJ_LIB (#1497)

  • Do not confuse 'ID74' CRS with WKT2 ID[] node (#1506)

  • WKT1 importer: do case insensitive comparison for axis direction (#1509)

  • Avoid compile errors on GCC 4.9.3 (#1512)

  • Make sure that pipelines including +proj=ob_tran can be created (#1526)

6.1.0 Release Notes

May 15th 2019


  • Include custom ellipsoid definitions from QGIS (#1137)

  • Add -k ellipsoid option to projinfo (#1338)

  • Make cs2cs support 4D coordinates (#1355)

  • WKT2 parser: update to OGC 18-010r6 (#1360 #1366))

  • Update internal version of googletest to v1.8.1 (#1361)

  • Database update: EPSG v9.6.2 (#1462), IGNF v3.0.3, ESRI 10.7.0 and add operation_version column (#1368)

  • Add proj_normalize_for_visualization() that attempts to apply axis ordering as used by most GIS applications and PROJ <6 (#1387)

  • Added noop operation (#1391)

  • Paths set by user take priority over PROJ_LIB for search paths (#1398)

  • Reduced database size (#1438)

  • add support for compoundCRS and concatenatedOperation named from their components (#1441)

Bug fixes

  • Have gie return non-zero code when file can't be opened (#1312)

  • CMake cross-compilation fix (#1316)

  • Use 1st eccentricity instead of 2nd eccentricity in Molodensky (#1324)

  • Make sure to include grids when doing Geocentric to CompoundCRS with nadgrids+geoidgrids transformations (#1326)

  • Handle coordinates outside of bbox better (#1333)

  • Enable system error messages in command line automatically in builds (#1336)

  • Make sure to install projinfo man page with CMake (#1347)

  • Add data dir to pkg-config file proj.pc (#1348)

  • Fix GCC 9 warning about useless std::move() (#1352)

  • Grid related fixes (#1369)

  • Make sure that ISO19111 C++ code sets pj_errno on errors (#1405)

  • vgridshift: handle longitude wrap-around for grids with 360deg longitude extent (#1429)

  • proj/cs2cs: validate value of -f parameter to avoid potential crashes (#1434)

  • Many division by zero and similar bug fixes found by OSS Fuzz.

6.0.0 Release Notes

March 1st 2019

PROJ 6 has undergone extensive changes to increase its functional scope from a cartographic projection engine with so-called "early-binding" geodetic datum transformation capabilities to a more complete library supporting coordinate transformations and coordinate reference systems.

As a foundation for other enhancements, PROJ now includes a C++ implementation of the modelisation propopsed by the ISO-19111:2019 standard / OGC Abstract Specification Topic 2: "Referencing By Coordinates", for geodetic reference frames (datums), coordinate reference systems and coordinate operations. Construction and query of those geodetic objects is available through a new C++ API, and also accessible for the most part from bindings in the C API.

Those geodetic objects can be imported and exported from and into the OGC Well-Known Text format (WKT) in its different variants: ESRI WKT, GDAL WKT 1, WKT2:2015 (ISO 19162:2015) and WKT2:2018 (ISO 19162:2018). Import and export of CRS objects from and into PROJ strings is also supported. This functionality was previously available in the GDAL software library (except WKT2 support which is a new feature), and is now an integral part of PROJ.

A unified database of geodetic objects, coordinate reference systems and their metadata, and coordinate operations between those CRS is now available in a SQLite3 database file, proj.db. This includes definitions imported from the IOGP EPSG dataset (v9.6.0 release), the IGNF (French national mapping agency) geodetic registry and the ESRI projection engine database. PROJ is now the reference software in the "OSGeo C stack" for this CRS and coordinate operation database, whereas previously this functionality was spread over PROJ, GDAL and libgeotiff, and used CSV or other adhoc text-based formats.

Late-binding coordinate operation capabilities, that takes metadata such as area of use and accuracy into account, has been added. This can avoid in a number of situations the past requirement of using WGS84 as a pivot system, which could cause unneeded accuracy loss, or was not doable at all sometimes when transformation to WGS84 was not available. Those late-binding capabilities are now used by the proj_create_crs_to_crs() function and the cs2cs utility.

A new command line utility, projinfo, has been added to query information about a geodetic object of the database, import and export geodetic objects from/into WKT and PROJ strings, and display coordinate operations available between two CRSs.


  • Removed projects.h as a public interface (#835)

  • Deprecated the proj_api.h interface. The header file is still available but will be removed with the next major version release of PROJ. It is now required to define ACCEPT_USE_OF_DEPRECATED_PROJ_API_H before the interface can be used (#836)

  • Removed support for the nmake build system (#838)

  • Removed support for the proj_def.dat defaults file (#201)

  • C++11 required for building PROJ (#1203)

  • Added build dependency on SQLite 3.7 (#1175)

  • Added projinfo command line application (#1189)

  • Added many functions to proj.h for handling ISO19111 functionality (#1175)

  • Added C++ API exposing ISO19111 functionality (#1175)

  • Updated cs2cs to use late-binding features (#1182)

  • Removed the nad2bin application. Now available in the proj-datumgrid git repository (#1236)

  • Removed support for Chebyshev polynomials in proj (#1226)

  • Removed proj_geocentric_latitude() from proj.h API (#1170)

  • Changed behavior of proj: Now only allow initialization of projections (#1162)

  • Changed behavior of tmerc: Now defaults to the Extended Transverse Mercator algorithm (etmerc). Old implementation available by adding +approx (#404)

  • Changed behavior: Default ellipsoid now set to GRS80 (was WGS84) (#1210)

  • Allow multiple directories in PROJ_LIB environment variable (#1281)

  • Added Lambert Conic Conformal (2SP Michigan) projection (#1142)

  • Added Bertin1953 projection (#1133)

  • Added Tobler-Mercator projection (#1153)

  • Added Molodensky-Badekas transform (#1160)

  • Added push and pop coordinate operations (#1250)

  • Removed +t_obs parameter from helmert and deformation (#1264)

  • Added +dt parameter to deformation as replacement for removed +t_obs (#1264)

Bug fixes

  • Read +towgs84 values correctly on locales not using dot as comma separator (#1136)

  • Fixed file offset for reading of shift values in NTv1 files (#1144)

  • Avoid problems with PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE when using CMake (#1158)

  • Avoid raising errors when setting ellipsoid flattening to zero (#1191)

  • Fixed lower square calculations in rHealpix projection (#1206)

  • Allow Molodensky transform parameters to be zero (#1194)

  • Fixed wrong parameter in ITRF2000 init file (#1240)

  • Fixed use of grid paths including spaces (#1152)

  • Robinson: fix wrong values for forward path for latitudes >= 87.5, and fix inaccurate inverse method (#1172)

PROJ 5.2.0

September 15th 2018


  • Added support for deg, rad and grad in unitconvert (#1054)

  • Assume +t_epoch as time input when not otherwise specified (#1065)

  • Added inverse Lagrange projection (#1058)

  • Added +multiplier option to vgridshift (#1072)

  • Added Equal Earth projection (#1085)

  • Added "require_grid" option to gie (#1088)

  • Replace transpose option of Helmert transform with +convention. From now on the convention used should be explicitly written. An error will be returned when using the +transpose option (#1091)

  • Improved numerical precision of inverse spherical Mercator projection (#1105)

  • cct will now forward text after coordinate input to output stream (#1111)

Bug fixes

  • Do not pivot over WGS84 when doing cs2cs-emulation with geocent (#1026)

  • Do not scan past the end of the read data in pj_ctx_fgets() (#1042)

  • Make sure proj_errno_string() is available in DLL (#1050)

  • Respect +to_meter setting when doing cs2cs-emulation (#1053)

  • Fixed unit conversion factors for geod (#1075)

  • Fixed test failures related to GCC 8 (#1084)

  • Improved handling of +geoc flag (#1093)

  • Calculate correct projection factors for Webmercator (#1095)

  • cs2cs now always outputs degrees when transformed coordinates are in angular units (#1112)

PROJ 5.1.0

June 1st 2018


  • Function proj_errno_string() added to proj.h API (#847)

  • Validate units between pipeline steps and ensure transformation sanity (#906)

  • Print help when calling cct and gie without arguments (#907)

  • CITATION file added to source distribution (#914)

  • Webmercator operation added (#925)

  • Enhanced numerical precision of forward spherical Mercator near the Equator (#928)

  • Added --skip-lines option to cct (#923)

  • Consistently return NaN values on NaN input (#949)

  • Removed unused src/org_proj4_Projections.h file (#956)

  • Java Native Interface bindings updated (#957, #969)

  • Horizontal and vertical gridshift operations extended to the temporal domain (#1015)

Bug fixes

  • Handle NaN float cast overflow in PJ_robin.c and nad_intr.c (#887)

  • Avoid overflow when Horner order is unreasonably large (#893)

  • Avoid unwanted NaN conversions in etmerc (#899)

  • Avoid memory failure in gie when not specifying x,y,z in gie files (#902)

  • Avoid memory failure when +sweep is initialized incorrectly in geos (#908)

  • Return HUGE_VAL on erroneous input in ortho (#912)

  • Handle commented lines correctly in cct (#933)

  • Avoid segmentation fault when transformation coordinates outside grid area in deformation (#934)

  • Avoid doing false easting/northing adjustments on cartesian coordinates (#936)

  • Thread-safe creation of proj mutex (#954)

  • Avoid errors when setting up geos with +lat_0!=0 (#986)

  • Reset errno when running proj in verbose mode (#988)

  • Do not interpolate node values at nodata value in vertical grid shifts (#1004)

  • Restrict Horner degrees to positive integer values to avoid memory allocation issues (#1005)

PROJ 5.0.1

March 1st 2018

Bug fixes

  • Handle ellipsoid change correctly in pipelines when +towgs84=0,0,0 is set (#881)

  • Handle the case where nad_ctable2_init returns NULL (#883)

  • Avoid shadowed declaration errors with old gcc (#880)

  • Expand +datum properly in pipelines (#872)

  • Fail gracefully when incorrect headers are encountered in grid files (#875)

  • Improve roundtrip stability in pipelines using +towgs84 (#871)

  • Fixed typo in gie error codes (#861)

  • Numerical stability fixes to the geodesic package (#826 & #843)

  • Make sure that transient errors are returned correctly (#857)

  • Make sure that locally installed header files are not used when building PROJ (#849)

  • Fix inconsistent parameter names in proj.h/proj_4D_api.c (#842)

  • Make sure +vunits is applied (#833)

  • Fix incorrect Web Mercator transformations (#834)

PROJ 5.0.0

February 1st 2018

This version of PROJ introduces some significant extensions and improvements to (primarily) the geodetic functionality of the system.

The main driver for introducing the new features is the emergence of dynamic reference frames, the increasing use of high accuracy GNSS, and the related growing demand for accurate coordinate transformations. While older versions of PROJ included some geodetic functionality, the new framework lays the foundation for turning PROJ into a generic geospatial coordinate transformation engine.

The core of the library is still the well established projection code. The new functionality is primarily exposed in a new programming interface and a new command line utility, cct (for "Coordinate Conversion and Transformation"). The old programming interface is still available and can - to some extent - use the new geodetic transformation features.

The internal architecture has also seen many changes and much improvement. So far, these improvements respect the existing programming interface. But the process has revealed a need to simplify and reduce the code base, in order to support sustained active development.

Therefore we have scheduled regular releases over the coming years which will gradually remove the old programming interface.

This will cause breaking changes with the next two major version releases, which will affect all projects that depend on PROJ (cf. section "deprecations" below).

The decision to break the existing API has not been easy, but has ultimately been deemed necessary to ensure the long term survival of the project. Not only by improving the maintainability immensely, but also by extending the potential user (and hence developer) community.

The end goal is to deliver a generic coordinate transformation software package with a clean and concise code base appealing to both users and developers.

Versioning and naming

For the first time in more than 25 years the major version number of the software is changed. The decision to do this is based on the many new features and new API. While backwards compatibility remains - except in a few rare corner cases - the addition of a new and improved programming interface warrants a new major release.

The new major version number unfortunately leaves the project in a bit of a conundrum regarding the name. For the majority of the life-time of the product it has been known as PROJ.4, but since we have now reached version 5 the name is no longer aligned with the version number.

Hence we have decided to decouple the name from the version number and from this version and onwards the product will simply be called PROJ.

In recognition of the history of the software we are keeping PROJ.4 as the name of the organizing project. The same project team also produces the datum-grid package.

In summary:

  • The PROJ.4 project provides the product PROJ, which is now at version 5.0.0.

  • The foundational component of PROJ is the library libproj.

  • Other PROJ components include the application proj, which provides a command line interface to libproj.

  • The PROJ.4 project also distributes the datum-grid package, which at the time of writing is at version 1.6.0.


  • Introduced new API in proj.h.

    • The new API is orthogonal to the existing proj_api.h API and the internally used projects.h API.

    • The new API adds the ability to transform spatiotemporal (4D) coordinates.

    • Functions in the new API use the proj_ namespace.

    • Data types in the new API use the PJ_ namespace.

  • Introduced the concept of "transformation pipelines" that makes possible to do complex geodetic transformations of coordinates by daisy chaining simple coordinate operations.

  • Introduced cct, the Coordinate Conversion and Transformation application.

  • Introduced gie, the Geospatial Integrity Investigation Environment.

    • Selftest invoked by -C flag in proj has been removed

    • Ported approx. 1300 built-in selftests to gie format

    • Ported approx. 1000 tests from the gigs test framework

    • Added approx. 200 new tests

  • Adopted terminology from the OGC/ISO-19100 geospatial standards series. Key definitions are:

    • At the most generic level, a coordinate operation is a change of coordinates, based on a one-to-one relationship, from one coordinate reference system to another.

    • A transformation is a coordinate operation in which the two coordinate reference systems are based on different datums, e.g. a change from a global reference frame to a regional frame.

    • A conversion is a coordinate operation in which both coordinate reference systems are based on the same datum, e.g. change of units of coordinates.

    • A projection is a coordinate conversion from an ellipsoidal coordinate system to a plane. Although projections are simply conversions according to the standard, they are treated as separate entities in PROJ as they make up the vast majority of operations in the library.

  • New operations

  • Significant documentation updates, including

    • Overhaul of the structure of the documentation

    • A better introduction to the use of PROJ

    • A complete reference to the new API

    • a complete rewrite of the section on geodesic calculations

    • Figures for all projections

  • New "free format" option for operation definitions, which permits separating tokens by whitespace when specifying key/value- pairs, e.g. proj = merc lat_0 = 45.

  • Added metadata to init-files that can be read with the proj_init_info() function in the new proj.h API.

  • Added ITRF2000, ITRF2008 and ITRF2014 init-files with ITRF transformation parameters, including plate motion model parameters.

  • Added ellipsoid parameters for GSK2011, PZ90 and "danish". The latter is similar to the already supported andrae ellipsoid, but has a slightly different semimajor axis.

  • Added Copenhagen prime meridian.

  • Updated EPSG database to version 9.2.0.

  • Geodesic library updated to version 1.49.2-c.

  • Support for analytical partial derivatives has been removed.

  • Improved performance in Winkel Tripel and Aitoff.

  • Introduced pj_has_inverse() function to proj_api.h. Checks if an operation has an inverse. Use this instead of checking whether P->inv exists, since that can no longer be relied on.

  • ABI version number updated to 13:0:0.

  • Removed support for Windows CE.

  • Removed the VB6 COM interface.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect convergence calculation in Lambert Conformal Conic. (#16)

  • Handle ellipsoid parameters correctly when using +nadgrids=@null. (#22)

  • Return correct latitude when using negative northings in Transverse Mercator. (#138)

  • Return correct result at origin in inverse Mod. Stereographic of Alaska. (#161)

  • Return correct result at origin in inverse Mod. Stereographic of 48 U.S. (#162)

  • Return correct result at origin in inverse Mod. Stereographic of 50 U.S. (#163)

  • Return correct result at origin in inverse Lee Oblated Stereographic. (#164)

  • Return correct result at origin in inverse Miller Oblated Stereographic. (#165)

  • Fixed scaling and wrap-around issues in Oblique Cylindrical Equal Area. (#166)

  • Corrected a coefficient error in inverse Transverse Mercator. (#174)

  • Respect -r flag when calling proj with -V. (#184)

  • Remove multiplication by 2 at the equator error in Stereographic projection. (#194)

  • Allow +alpha=0 and +gamma=0 when using Oblique Mercator. (#195)

  • Return correct result of inverse Oblique Mercator when alpha is between 90 and 270. (#331)

  • Avoid segmentation fault when accessing point outside grid. (#396)

  • Avoid segmentation fault on NaN input in Robin inverse. (#463)

  • Very verbose use of proj (-V) on Windows is fixed. (#484)

  • Fixed memory leak in General Oblique Transformation. (#497)

  • Equations for meridian convergence and partial derivatives have been corrected for non-conformal projections. (#526)

  • Fixed scaling of cartesian coordinates in pj_transform(). (#726)

  • Additional bug fixes courtesy of Google's OSS-Fuzz program