Space oblique for LANDSAT

Space oblique for LANDSAT is a specialization of Space Oblique Mercator which specifies the appropriate ascending longitude, inclination angle, and orbital period for Landsat satellites, based on their satellite designation / id and path number.

"Paths" are the repeating ground tracks that are traced by sun-synchronous satellites like those of the Landsat program.



Available forms

Forward and inverse, spherical and ellipsoidal

Defined area






Input type

Geodetic coordinates

Output type

Projected coordinates

Space oblique for LANDSAT

proj-string: +proj=lsat +ellps=GRS80 +lat_1=-60 +lat_2=60 +lsat=2 +path=2




Landsat satellite used for the projection. Value between 1 and 5.


Selected path of satellite. Value between 1 and 253 when +lsat is set to 1,2 or 3, otherwise valid input is between 1 and 233.



Longitude of projection center.

Defaults to 0.0.


The default convention is to interpret this value as decimal degrees. To specify radians instead, follow the value with the "r" character.

Example: +lon_0=1.570796r

See Projection Units for more information.


The name of a built-in ellipsoid definition.

See Ellipsoids for more information, or execute proj -le for a list of built-in ellipsoid names.

Defaults to "GRS80".


Radius of the sphere, given in meters. If used in conjunction with +ellps, +R takes precedence.

See Ellipsoid size parameters for more information.


False easting.

Defaults to 0.0.


False northing.

Defaults to 0.0.

Further reading

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