Using PROJ in CMake projectsΒΆ

The recommended way to use the PROJ library in a CMake project is to link to the imported library target ${PROJ4_LIBRARIES} provided by the CMake configuration which comes with the library. Typical usage is:


target_link_libraries(MyApp ${PROJ4_LIBRARIES})

By adding the imported library target ${PROJ4_LIBRARIES} to the target link libraries, CMake will also pass the include directories to the compiler. This requires that you use CMake version 2.8.11 or later. If you are using an older version of CMake, then add


The CMake command find_package will look for the configuration in a number of places. The lookup can be adjusted for all packages by setting the cache variable or environment variable CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH. In particular, CMake will consult (and set) the cache variable PROJ4_DIR.